A not so pleasant experience creates desires to change things for better.

In 1998, the discomfort and insecurity of my dress, sparked the idea that a more comforting gown could be made. Since then, this was my motto and an inspiration. I’ve searched, tested, and analyzed my dancing and my feelings. I gathered as much information as I could to establish the fundamental principals of dance sport costume and accessory comfort. All that, must be without loosing the sense of personal style of dancers whom I had the privilege to dress. But, I’ll just let their dancing and their look to represent my work.

My desire to explore does not stop with dancing, no. I know I can do more. I know I have more to offer. With every single handmade piece, competitive dance oriented or not, I find something new about myself. My work, now, becomes the ultimate journey of self-discovery, one little piece of puzzle at a time. 

With Love and Passion,

AP Glamour